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David Owen Norris
'A path of his own discovery': Beethoven and the Piano

Wednesday 4 November 2020 at 7.45PM

David Owen Norris Broadwood grand piano

A musician who heard Beethoven improvise in the 1790s wrote: ‘His playing impresses one with the idea that by a path of his own discovery he has attained that height of excellence whereon he now stands’.

David Owen Norris, at a Broadwood piano similar to Beethoven’s own, explores the unique features of that lonely path, and the constant importance of improvisation in Beethoven’s playing. He then performs two of Beethoven’s most famous sonatas – the Pathétique and the Moonlight – with the musical freedom the composer might himself have enjoyed.

Renowned as a broadcaster and pianist, David Owen Norris has a particular interest in the performance of music on keyboards of the period.

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