Percussion (photo:  Sarah Goulding)

Daniel Tones, percussion & Owen Underhill, piano
Canada REconnected

Friday 28 April 2017 at 7.30PM
Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall

Daniel Tones percussion

Owen Underhill piano

Mitch Markovich   Tornado
Frederic Rzewski    To the Earth
Owen Underhill     Cloud over Water
                              Songs without Words
Russell Hartenberger   Raghavan
Jordan Nobles   Simulacrum    
Javier Alvarez   Temazcal        
Stuart Saunders Smith   Evensong        

From flower pots to vibraphone, Daniel Tones’ programme uses an array of percussion in works ranging from Stuart Saunders Smith’s Evensong for glockenspiel which creates an ethereal sense of place to Alvarez’s Temazcal in which solo maracas create a dense polyrhythmic web with the aid of digital audio.  Daniel Tones is widely recognised for his work as a contemporary percussionist and has toured extensively in North America and the UK.  He equally committed to fostering creative development in young artists through teaching and workshops.  Also from Vancouver, Owen Underhill is active as a composer, conductor, pianist and artistic director.

Tickets: £12; concessions £10; students £3

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