The 24

The 24

Wednesday 15 November 2017 at 7.30PM
Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall

Robert Hollingworth director

New Beginnings

Ockeghem     Intemerata Dei mater
Peter McGarr     Love Remains
Byrd     Ad Dominum cum tribularer
Frank Bridge   Five Part-songs
Thea Musgrave     Rorate Coeli

A group like The 24 changes nearly half its personnel every autumn when it welcomes new students to the line-up.  So the job of the year’s first concert is to establish house style and techniques while exposing everyone to music they’re unlikely to have come across elsewhere.  This hour-long programme has no theme beyond that, but includes two Renaissance masterworks from quite different traditions and three completely contrasting pieces from the last 100 years that are both attractive and challenging.

The 24 gives further concerts on 28 February and 30 May

Tickets: £10; concessions £8; students £3

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