The 24

The 24

Wednesday 14 November 2018 at 7.30PM
Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall

The 24

Robert Hollingworth director

Duarte Lôbo    Missa pro defunctis (1639)

This fabulously well-wrought, almost never performed masterwork is one of two Requiem settings written by Duarte Lôbo when maestro at Lisbon Cathedral. Once the classic period of Renaissance polyphony had given way to the extravagances of the early Baroque in the early 17th century, the Roman Catholic church authorities in Italy encouraged composers to continue to write in the old polyphonic style, or ‘stile antico’. In Spain and Portugal this flourished, becoming more expressive and harmonically richer, as this setting (with its plainchant interpolations) demonstrates.

Tickets: £10; concessions £8; students £3

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