The 24 Minster Vespers [photo:  Jim Poyner/NCEM]

The 24

Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 7.30PM
Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall

Robert Hollingworth director

Our German cousins

Schütz     Ach Herr, straff mich nicht; Die Himmel erzählen;
                O primavera!

Hassler     Ach Weh des Leiden!

Schein     Da Jakob vollendet hatte;
                Mein Freund, komme in seinen Garten; Quem quaeris

Mendelssohn     Mitten wir in Leben sind op. 23

Brahms     Songs opp. 42 & 104

Rheinberger     Abendlied

R. Strauss     Lied der Freundschaft

The 24 presents a touch of spring with sumptuous mid- and late-Romantic German part songs placed alongside late Renaissance and early Baroque motets and madrigals.  It was the Italian influence (Monteverdi and others) on Schütz and Schein that brought lustre and a striking experimentation to their music as well as a reliance on Luther’s chorales.  Over 300 years later, a cappella works by Brahms and others were similarly conservative in form while infused with expressive and harmonic colouring. 

Tickets: £12; concessions £10; students £3

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