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Peter Sheppard Skærved, violin
Roderick Chadwick, piano

Wednesday 18 November 2020 at 7.45PM

Beethoven     Sonata in A op. 30 no. 1

Thomas Simaku     ENgREnage (World Premiere)

Beethoven     Sonata in C minor op. 30 no. 2

Nicola LeFanu     Prelude after Grinling Gibbons

Beethoven     Sonata in G op. 30 no. 3

Beethoven's three opus 30 sonatas for violin and piano, written in 1802 by the 32-year old composer, balance the pastoral, the warlike and the dance-filled – encapsulating much of his music. Peter's blog about the sonatas, and his preparations for playing them, make fascinating reading:  Set within the sonatas are two works written for Peter Sheppard Skærved by York-based composers: Thomas Simaku's rich harmonies come to the fore in his work; inspired by Gibbons' 'King David' panel in Fairfax House, Nicola LeFanu's Prelude is written for solo violin.

Peter Sheppard Skærved is the dedicatee of over 400 works and his long-term collaborations with museums and galleries have resulted in exhibitions and concerts. He has undertaken pioneering research into 17th-century music for solo violin and has a particular affinity with the music of Paganini. His regular duo partner Roderick Chadwick is a writer and lecturer as well as an acclaimed pianist.  

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