Crippled Symmetry
Morton Feldman Day

Wednesday 10 October 2018 at 7.30PM
Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall

Richard Craig flute

Damien Harron percussion

Philip Thomas piano, celeste

Morton Feldman’s late, extended work Crippled Symmetry, for the unusual combination of flutes, percussion and piano/celeste, is a sustained exploration of patterns and repetition/variation. Over approximately 90 minutes the music quietly unfolds, richly and deceptively complex, the musicians carefully navigating their independent parts whilst maintaining a sense of the whole. This is a rare opportunity to hear it performed live by a trio of musicians brought together for this piece.  

Pre-concert talk, 6.30pm:  Philip Thomas & Dr Catherine Laws


Morton Feldman Day

The music of Morton Feldman changes the way we listen. His compositions draw us into the details of musical sound; into its textures, timbres and resonances, into the subtle interactions of tones on different instruments, but also into its patterning in time: its ability to create and evoke memories. This day offers an opportunity to explore this beautiful music through performances, film showings, workshops and discussion, culminating in a performance of Feldman’s extended trio composition, Crippled Symmetry.  Tickets for all events are available via the Buy Now link below.  There is a £5 discount when booking for all the day's events.


1.00pm: Music for Two Pianists
Philip Thomas & Catherine Laws piano
Morton Feldman's compositions for two pianos and  piano duet, including Two Pianos, Vertical Thoughts 1, Piano Four Hands and Intermission 6.

4.00pm: Morton Feldman Art Films
Feldman was closely linked to the New York School of artists in the 1950s and beyond.  We present three little-known films about three such artists, scored by Feldman: Jackson Pollock (1951), De Kooning (1964) and Scupture by Lipton (1954). A further short film, Feldman Sings (2017) by Zahra Partovi and Chris Villars, shows Feldman breaking into song when talking about this music. Finally, Partovi’s Softly - A Giant Step (2017) takes us on a mesmerising journey around places of significance to Feldman, incorporating interviews and footage of musicians performing excerpts of his music.The films will be intoduced by Feldman expert Chris Villars, and discussed with pianist and musicologist Catherine Laws, from the Department of Music, and James Boaden from the History of Art Department.



Tickets: 7.30pm concert: £12; concessions £10; students £3
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